Amphitrite goddess of oceans and seas. Evelyn D.

The way Amphitrite was individual is she was queen of the sea. She was also a mermaid, which isn't Very individual but still very important. She is the goddess of all oceans and seas. Her powers made her very individual to. If you want to know more about her powers you will have to read. Amphitrite was a very fun goddess to learn about. I hope you will find her just as interesting.

Fun facts-
1. She had a mermaid tail.
2. She had a husband who was king of the sea.
3. She had around 50 or 100 siblings. (No one knows how much siblings she had!)

The part she plays in other stories

Amphitrite plays a part in her and Poisidens wedding were they are in there carriage with seashells being pulled by octopus creatures that live in the sea. At first when Poisiden asked her to marry him she did not want to for religious reasons and ran away. Poisiden sent out his messenger who was a dolphin named Delphin to convince her to marry him. Delphin tracked her down and found her and convinced her to return to the sea and marry Poisiden. But after they were married they never talked to each other very much.

Greeks that are associated with this character and why they are

Amphitrite is associated with
 Posiden is associated with her because their husband and wife. She was also associated with Nereus and Doris because she was one of the 50 or 100 of their daughters. She was also associated with Doris,Okeanos, and Tethys. She was also associated with her to children Triton and Rhode.

Her powers and talents

Her powers were to use seawater and be able to move it around. Another one of her powers is she can control dolphins. Her powers are used for discipline and good. But she wasn't always fair.
Her symbols

Amphitrite had many symbols which were a throne made out of fish, a giant fishing net, dolphins, lobsters, sea creatures, tritons, and nereids. (Sea nimphs)

Fact about her

Her and posiden talked to each other so rarely it was like they didn't like each other. Her roman name is Salacia.

What places were associated with her and what was their significance. -

Her throne was her favorite place to be and the significance of the throne was that it was place for her to relate to what she loved.

Her accomplishments

She accomplished being queen of sea and watching over all the creatures in it.

Modern day allusions that relate to her

1. There is a BM-2 (car) that is named after amphitrite.
2. Three ships of the united states navy have been named after her to show their ruler of the sea.
The End. Thanks for reading!