Aphrodite: The Goddess Who Rose from the Sea Foam

Aphrodite, posing beautifully!
Aphrodite is the goddess of love, fertility, and beauty. She guides people's love-lifes and makes sure that all love goes well and smoothly.

Greek Values the Aphrodite represents
 Aphrodite represents two main greek values. One of which is beauty. I think she represents beauty because in myths I read, it always describes her as the most beautiful creature on earth. Also, she represents beauty because she is the goddess of beauty. The other value I think she represents is pursuit of excellence. My reasoning for that is the fact that she wants to come off as the most beautiful and the most perfect all the time so she can impress people. Those  
What part does Aphrodite play in greek stories?
 Aphrodite plays a part in some greek myths and stories. One that we are all familiar with is the story of Pandora. In the story of Pandora, Hephaestus (Aphrodite's husband) has to make a girl out of clay so someone could breath life into her. Of course, Hephaestus had to choose a woman to pose for Pandora's making and who better to choose the Aphrodite? The goddess of beauty... the most lovely thing on Earth. When Pandora was alive, all the gods and goddesses on Mount Olympus gathered around to give her a gift. Aphrodite taught her how to dance without moving her legs and how to look at a man without moving her eyes.
 Another Myth that Aphrodite is in goes a little like this:
   At a party, a golden apple was thrown out into the crowd, it was said to be destined for the best and prettiest woman. (mortal or immortal) Aphrodite began fighting among Athen and Hera about this. Soon, Paris had to choose between the three. They each offered him something different but he chose Aphrodite who offered him eternal love and the most beautiful woman he can ask for.
 Here is another one:
  When Kronos was with his own father Ouranos, Kronos proceeded the process of cutting off Ouranos' reproductive organs and throwing them into the sea. That is how Aphrodite was born.

People that Aphrodite was associated with

Aphrodite was associated with many people including the following::
*Cronos- he cut off the reproductive organs of Ouranos
*Hephaestus- he was Aphrodite's husband
*Ouranos- his reproductive organs contributed to Aphrodite rising out of the sea foam

*Ares- had kids with him 
*Posiedan- had a kid with him
*Adonis- had kids with him
*Dionysus- had kids with him

Aphrodite's Children

Aphrodite had many kids with many people including the following::
*Anteros- god of the reciprocal (Ares and Aphrodite)
*Beroe- goddess of the city Beroe (adonis and Aphrodite)
*Eros and Hermios- godlings of love (Aphrodite rose from the sea pregnant with them)
*Harmonia- goddess of harmony (Ares and Aphrodite)
*Ikkahos- god of mystery(Dionysus and Aphrodite)
*Phobos- god of garden fertility (Adonis and Aphrodite)
*Rhodos- god of the island Rhodes (Posiedan and Aphrodite)

Aphrodite's Powers 

Aphrodite had the power to create or destroy any relationship. She used her powers depending on the person's behavior towards her and her behavior towards them. She also helped her son Eros (otherwise known as "Cupid") shoot his love arrows so they would fall in love. The best part about Aphrodite's powers is that no one can escape it. They effect everyone. 

Aphrodite's symbols

Aphrodite had two main symbols.
*DOVE- I think the dove is one of her symbols because the dove is the bird of love and peace
*ROSE- I think the rose is one of her symbols because the rose is a flower that you would typically give to show affection for someone

Aphrodite Fun Facts

*She was born from Ouranus' reproductive organs and the sea foam
*She was eternally young
*She was the wife of Hephaestus
*Since she is a goddess living on Mount Olympus, she has Ichor in place of blood
*She is known for having affairs with immortal heroes
*She got punished by Zues becaues she was toying with fellow olympians' love lifes

Associated Places

These places are associated with Aphrodite::
*Cyprus- She rose from the sea by this european place. It is said to be her favorite place on earth

Aphrodite's Accomplishments

 Aphrodite accomplished many things and many of her doings were said to be accomplishments. Lets take a look at some of them...
*She had Eros (Cupid)
*She decides to see if women are ready to have a baby or not
*She over looked relationships
*She contributed to the battle of Troy

Modern Day Allusions to Aphrodite

 Modern day allusoins to Aphrodite were resonobly hard to get to so I only got a couple but here they are::Venus: Aphrodite's roman name and a planet in the Milky Way galaxy and the name of a beauty product