Artemis is the goddess of the hunt, wild animals, and the wilderness. Read more to find out some more interesting facts about Artemis!!!

I think Artemis would represent individualism. Here are three reasons why-

1. Artemis is very independent.
2. Artemis believes that she doesn’t need to love anyone or marry.
3. Artemis likes to travel all around the world alone.
Greek stories that Artemis was in-
When Artemis turned three she asked for 6 for her birthday. those six things are to be allowed to live without having to be distracted by love or marriage, a bow and arrow, a hunting costume, to have the freedom from having to dress up like a lady,and the job of bringing light into the world, 60 young nymphs to be her companions and to help her take care for her hunting dogs, and all the mountains on the Earth to live on. Zeus was happy with the thing Artemis had chosen and happily granted all of her wishes. Even when Artemis was so little she was known to be independent and strong.
  One time a god named Actaeon came in when Artemis was bathing and Artemis turned him into a stag.
  Before Artemis was born, Hera tried to kill Artemis while she was not born yet.
 One time she helped a women give birth to a nymph, when the nymph was born, Artemis turned it into a bear.
Who Artemis associated with-
Atalanta associated with Artemis because Artemis gave her some of her bows and arrows. Artemis also taught Atalanta some of her skills with hunting. she also associated with Apollo because he was her twin brother. Another guy who associated with Artemis is Zeus. Zeus was her father. Her mother was Leto. Hera associated with Artemis because Hera beat Artemis in an angry contest. Kallisto was a nymph who was a companion of Artemis. Orion was a close friend of Artemis but, Artemis’ jealous brother killed Orion.
Artemis' special powers-
Artemis is physically strong, she is able to defend herself, and she can help people give birth to children. She can kill people in one shot with her bow and arrow.
 Symbols and tools of Artemis-
The bow and arrow is a symbol of Artemis. Artemis uses it to hunt. She is also represented by a new moon. Nature is another symbol of Artemis. Some more symbols of Artemis are sandals, clouds, three pillars, and a blue sky.

Facts about Artemis
1.Goddess of Hunting, wild animals, and the wilderness.
2. Daughter of Zeus and Leto.
3. Sister of Apollo
4. Very good at hunting but protects nature and animals.
5. Hates Aphrodite and Hera.
6. Teaches the goddess Atalanta about hunting and other stuff.
7. Helps people give childbirth.
8. Helped her mother give birth to her twin brother Apollo.
9. Born on the island Ortygia.
10. Her bow and arrow is one of her symbols.
11. Has many symbols
12. She is an Olympian.
13. She was a complete daddy’s girl

Artemis was born on the island Ortygia. She basically traveled around the world to do her hunting.

Artemis' accomplishments-

Artemis helped a lot of people give childbirth. She even helped her mother give birth to her twin brother!
Artemis also accomplished on teaching her “pupil” Atalanta about hunting and other things.
Artemis also turned a god into a stag when the god came in while she was bathing.
One time Artemis and Apollo killed the children of Niobe. They had killed those children because Niobe had done something bad to their mother.
A guy named Opis tried to ravish Artemis, when he tried to do that Artemis sent a scorpion to sting him in the heel.

Allusions to Artemis-There is a comic strip called wonder woman that is an allusion to Artemis. the main character’s name in Wonder Women is Diana. (Artemis)

Artemis is the greek goddess of the hunt, the wilderness, and wild animals.

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