A beautiful, muscular, running huntress that followed the ways of Artemis, A goddess named Atalanta

Atalanta, goddess of running and hunting

Born of a Greek noble who wanted a boy, Atalanta was placed at the top of a mountainside to die. Lucky for her, Artemis, the huntress, sent a she-bear to watch over her until a hunter named Telamon found her. Atalanta grew up to be a beautiful woman, but she could not do housework. She could not weave or clean, but she could run and hunt. She always ran faster than the deer and never came home from hunting without game. Her biologic father came looking for her, and found her, and brought her home. She hunted with the men and was the first to draw blood from the evil boar- after several men died attempting to do the same. Many men fell in love with her, and she raced them, married them if they won, and killed them if they lost. A man named Hippomenes loved her, but knew he would die if he attempted to race her, so he prayed to the goddess of love, Aphrodite, to help him. She granted him three golden apples. During the race, he flung the apples in her path, so Atalanta would pick them up and run slower. He won, and Atalana was so impressed that she married him. Although after their marrige, some say that Hippomenes did not pray his due respects back to Aphrodite for helping him, so Aphrodite became very angry and turned both Hipppomenes and Atalanta into lions.

Atalanta's Symbols

Colors: Magenta, Crimson Red, Orange, Maroon and Dark Blue
Animals:The she-bear, lions, pigs, boars and horses
Plants: apples, carnatation, dandelion, and birch and oak trees
Scents: jasmine, lime, orange, eucalyptus,mullberry, and rosemary
Gems: Gold, tin, iron, tigers eye, opal, amber, topaz, ivory, peridot and yellow jade
General: Golden Apples, Bow and Arrow, Wind


Atalanta's Greek Values

I think that the greek goddess Atalanta represents the pursuit of excellence, individualism, and justice.
I think that Atalanta represents the pursuit of excellence because she would always try her hardest running and hunting, and she practiced it and did it often. Even when Clymene was trying to teach her how to clean, cook and weave on the loom, she didn't throw in the towel immediatly. She tried and tried and kept accomplishing things because of it. Why was she the only woman to accompany Jason on his trip to recieve the golden fleece? Or the only woman who joined the clan of hunters tro try to kill the evil boar? Or won against so many men in races? Because she believed in being the best she could be. And that is one reason why she is such a strong individual.
Another reason she is a strong idividual is because, well, she believed that being an amazing, different individual was an important thing. She represented individualism. Not many wemen in Ancient Greece ran or hunt. thry believed that was just men's buisness. But It was Atalanta's passion and she belived in that, stand up for who she is and being a different kind of girl. That was probably why so many men fell  in love with her. She was a different person and she was proud of that person. So that is the reason she represents being her own woman, proud and strong.
Lastly, I think that Atalanta represents justice. who was Clymene to tell her that she could not run or hunt, but she had to do housework instead. She didn't like to clean or cook or weave so she stood up for her own rights and  what she thought was fair for her to do or not do. Women were not supposed to be tough or brave, but Atalanta was and she was known for that: Standing up for what was right for her, and those are the traits and values I think she most represents.

Here Are A Few Pictures Of Atalanta, Some Containing Pictures Of Hippomenes


Atalanta's modern day relations and businesses

I bet you didn't know some people named businesses after this goddess like these...
Atalanta Furniture
Atalanta co.
Atalanta corp.
Atlanta, Georgia
Atalanta investment Company Inc.
Atalanta Sosnoff Capital, LLC
Atalanta Corp. Food Business

Places Related To Atalanta

There is no specific place related to Atalanta, but I am sure the forest and any major running tracks would be sacred to her.

Atalanta's Talents and Accomplishments

Atalanta is a Warrior goddess who is known mostly for her running and hunting skills. She possesses no powers, but is still labeled a goddess of the hunt, along with Artemis, who's ways she follows. She assisted in killing the evil boar, by being the first to draw blood from the creature. She was also the only woman who assisted Jason in retreiving the golden fleece and bringing it safely back to Greece.

Atalanta's Major Relations

Artemis: saved her from dying and Atalanta follows her ways
Telamon: Adoption father, raised Atalanta
Iasus: Biological father, took Atalanta in eventually
Hippomenes: Fell in love with Atalanta and married her
Clymene: Telamons wife, assisted in raising Atalanta
Aphrodite: Atalanta's enemy

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