Demeter's value is individualism because she usually likes to do things alone and she is not married ether so that is why her value is individualism.

This story Demeter is in, is a common story. So when Demeter's daughter, Persephone, was carried off by Haides to the Underworld Dmeter searched everywhere for her, and upon discovering the truth, brought deadly starvation down upon mankind Zeus agreed to let her daughter return. Demeter is also in some love stories, like one of them goes: Demeter falls in love with the mortal Iasion of Samothrake and lay with him in a thrice-plowed field. Zeus discovered the affair, and struck Iasion dead with a thunderbolt.

Demeter doesn't really have any powers but she has a talent, and that talent is harvesting. It is harvest because she is the goddess of grain and harvest. So she is very good at harvesting.

Farming fields are associated to Demeter because that is where grain and wheat is grown, then harvest.

The symbols that this goddess is associated to are grain and wheat. They are grain and wheat because Demeter is the goddess of grain and harvest.

Demeter accomplished finding and getting her daughter back from Zeus in the Underworld. She also accomplished being the best goddess she can ever be.

Demeter's Relations
Rhea-mother                                Persephone- minion/attendant         Okeanides-minion/attandent
Persephone-child                        Ploutos-minion/attendant 
Ploutos-child                                 Hekate-minion/attendant
Arion-child                                     Dryades-minion/attendant
     Modern Day Allusions

  •  Demeter is the center for software services
  • Demeter is the name of an alternative rock band in London
  • Demeter Matrix Inc. is a consultant agency