Echo was a beautiful maiden, an Oread to be exact. She captured the hearts of many men, including Pan and Zeus. Unfortunately, Echo had her eyes on a man named Narcissus who only had eyes for himself...

In ancient Greece, there was a beautiful Nymph named Echo. This nymph loved the way that her voice sounded, and would often jabber on and on and on. Echo and Zeus shared a love for each other, but Hera, Zeus's wife, became suspicious of her husband's love life. When Zeus and Echo were out in the forest, Hera came there, too. Zeus knew this, and begged Echo to stall so that he might escape. Echo did as she was told, and told Hera many stories. By the time Zeus had escaped, Hera realized that she had been tricked by our little nymph, and became furious. Hera took away Echo's power to choose her words, so that she could only foolishly repeat the words of another.

A few years later, after much grieving for her most prized possession, Echo fell in love with the vain Narcissus. She wished to get up the courage to talk to him, but sadly, could not. Echo followed him through the woods, and eventually Narcissus noticed the sounds she was making.
"Who's There?" He shouted.
"Who's There?" Echo repeated.
And so this repeated until Narcissus became very annoyed with this young pest and stopped by a stream to get a drink. Echo watched in horror as the man mused over his reflection in the stream, not realizing that it was indeed himself. Refusing to eat or drink, Narcissus eventually pined away and died. Echo was crushed by this, and asked to die the same death. She did, and only her voice was left.

Another way that she supposedly died was that Pan, who loved her, was infuriated by her rejection when he asked for Echo's hand in marriage. Being the creature he was, he lied to the shepards that Echo had been harming their flock, and told them that she must be exterminated. The shepards agreed, and tore poor Echo to pieces. It is said that Gaea took pity on Echo, and gathered up her pieces, leaving her voice to drearily repeat others.


Narcissus - The man she fell in love with, only to have her heart shattered
Pan - The man who fell in love with her and eventually murdered her
Zeus - They were secret lovers
Hera - Zeus's wife who cursed her to never form her own words
Gaea - Gaea took pity on Echo and let her voice live on


I think that the greek value that Echo represents the most would probably be beauty. I think this because she is often portrayed as capturing the hearts of every man who lay eyes on her, including Zeus and Pan. Also, she was cursed by Hera so that she could never talk, so the only ways that she had left to communicate on her own were through her expressions and hand motions.


Echo wasn't born with any specific power, nor did she receive any as she grew older, but her talents and things she did surprisingly well were singing and talking. I don't think that not being able to talk is a power, but that is what she is known for, so it is somewhat "her power".




♥ Echo was an oread (nymph)
♥ She was cursed by Hera
♥ Hera cursed her because she and Zeus were in love
<3She could only speak the words of another
♥ Echo lived by a river
♥ She fell deeply in love with Narcissus
♥ Pan loved her
♥ Echo's voice was preserved
♥ Echo is not one of the most well - known goddesses
♥ Echo is now a word in our dictionary
♥ To echo someone means to repeat them
♥ She rejected Pan
♥ Echo died when she was probably in her late twenties


Although Echo's symbols could be argued, the most commonly thought of would have to be the Music Note and The Echo. Others that are related to her would be the flower of Narcissus, Swirls, Nymphs, and also the Reflection.


♫ The forest - her home
♫ The stream - where she watched Narcissus
♫ Greece - Where Echo lived
The Villiage - Where Pan told the villagers Echo was evil
♫ Fields - Where she was ripped to shreds


Although Echo is not famous for slaying Medusa or being captured by Hades, she is most recognized for her death; the creation of the Echo. Other than that, Echo did not accomplish much in her short lifetime, unless you would like to count rejecting gods and falling for some obsessed dude.


♣ The Echo - A band from Pennsylvania
♣ Echo - A repeat of one's words

♣ Echo and Allusion - A book about some dude obsessed with his religion
♣ Echo Co. - A troop of Marines in Vietnam
♣ Echo, Tennessee - A small village in Tennessee
♣ Echo - A German music award (like a Grammy)
♣ Toyota Echo - A small compact car
♣ Echos - A book about a girl caught in a nuclear storm
♣ Echo Margarine - An alternative to butter
♣ Echo Women - A type of perfume
♣ Echo and the Bunnymen - A British band.
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