Eos - Goddess of Dawn and the Morning Star


Greek Values

I feel that Eos represents beauty because she was always attracted to young hansom men. This got her into a lot of trouble with Aphrodite...

Stories that are Related

In the Odyssey and Iliad, Homer often refers to Eos as "rosy fingered". A lot of phrases in the Odyssey, Homer starts out with the words "rosy fingered dawn". Those two are the two stories that Eos is mentioned in.

Other Associated Greeks

Ares - were lovers at one time
Aphrodite - cursed her
Selene - sister (the Moon)
Helios - bother (the Sun)
Hyperion - father
Theia - mother
Tithonus - husband
Memnon - son
Emathion - son

Powers or Talents

Eos could fly she had her very own set of wings. These came in very useful when she would try and run away with another young hansom man. She would fly them to their destination.

Tools or Symbols

Eos had three different symbols. They were
  • Dew Drops
  • The Sun
  • Two or four horse chariot

Different Facts

-When she fell in love and married Tithonus, she asked Zeus to give him eternal life. He did, but what she didn’t ask for was for youth. So Tithonus became uglier and uglier until he shrunk so much he turned into a grasshopper.
-She was considered the “rosy fingered” in the Odyssey by Homer.
-She fell in love with Ares and he was Aphrodite’s lover. So Aphrodite cursed Eos by making her fall in love with many men who didn’t love her back.
-When she fell in love with somebody she would kidnap them and hide them away with her.
-When her son Memnon fought Achilles in the Trojan war, he was killed. Then the tears she cried for him is the dew we see each morning.
-She would cheat on Tithonus. For example she asked Cephalus to run away with her. He refused because he loved his wife, Procris. She told him it was not a big deal to cheat on your spouse.
-Shad a thing for mortals. She didn’t go for the immortals.

Associated Places

There were only a couple places that people these days of record of . That place is Delos. The significance of this place is that she kidnapped Orian, the giant, and took him there. Also she fled with Tithonus to Ethiopia. They then had two sons, Momnon and Emathion. While she was married to Tithonus she cheated on him and ran away with Cephalus, who also cheated on his wife. There they had one son, Phaeton. The last place associated with Eos is the river of Okeanos. There she rises up into the sky and opens up the gates of heaven.

Modern Day Allusions

There are only two allusions that I could find for Eos. The first modern day allusion to Eos is the dew. The dew in the morning is her tears cried for her son Memnon when he was killed by Achilles. The last is Aurora (Eos' other name) is a luxury car model.


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