Greek stories Hera plays part in:

"The birth of Hera"  Hera, like her other siblings, once they were born they all got swallowed by their father, Cronus. Zeus and Metis, later tricked Cronus into a swallowing potion.                                                      
"Fostering Hera" Tethys took Hera from Rhea at the time of Zeus taking Cronus to the underneath the earth and the barren water.

Greeks associated with Hera

Zeus is Hera's husband and twin brother.
Hercules, she sent snakes to kill him in his crib when he was young.
Jason, she had aided him on his quest for the golden fleece.
Cronus, he was her father.
Rhea, she was Hera's mother.
Hera's children were:Ares, Hephaestus, and Hebe.
Hesperides guarded Hera's orchard.

Hera's  values

-strength (power)
-Many eyes (watches out for others)

best friends are co


Hera's powers and talents

Hera is the queen of all the gods and goddess.
She is also the goddess of women, marrige, and the sky

Hera's facts

Hera was known to be the most beautiful of all goddess, even beating Aphrodite.
She was also a very young and beautiful woman.

Hera's symbol

The peacock. Why? Beacause after Hermes killed Argus ( 100 eyes) Hera put the eyes into the peacock feathers to reward his guardian ship. She uses this to watch over the world.

Places associated with Hera

Mount Olympus, was the home of all the gods and goddess. Hera's Orchard, at her wedding
Mother Nature gave Hera a tree with golden aples on it. It is now on the top of Mount Atlas.

Modern day allusions named after Hera

Juno is an other name for Hera

Juno internet service
Juno the movie
Juno mission to Jupuiter

Hera's accomplishments

She defeted many of Zeus's loved ones.
She supported Jason on his quest for the golden fleece.
She also aided Greeks against the trojans.


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