Greek goddess, powerful, and peaceful. Hestia is the goddess of the hearth, home, and family.

Hestia was not in many myths, and is not very well known, but here are a few short summaries of the few myths she was in:

  • Hestia and her siblings were swallowed by their father, Chronos at birth, and later, Metis gave him a draught, which caused him to spit them all back out. 

  • Was loved by both Apollo and Poseidon, but turning down both, petitioned, and eventually got  Zeus to let her remain a virgin forever. 

  • The god Priapos attempted to defile her after a party, but she awoke from the sound of a donkey, and quickly summoned the other gods to her side.

A greek value of the goddess Hestia is her unfailing individualism. She is never afraid to go after what she wants, and is the most peaceful of the gods, never taking part in any wars or disputes. She is very quiet, but not afraid to speak up. Perhaps most important though, she believes in who she is, and always does her best.

One example of this is found when Dionysus came to Olympus, but there were only twelve places. One of which was occupied by Hestia. As an act of kindness, Hestia gave up her place in Olympus, as to make room for the newcomer. Even though she gave up her place, she is still considered one of the main olympian gods.

Hestia's symbol is a hearth, or a fireplace usually in the middle of the home. This is because of her title... Goddess of the hearth, home, and family.

Her family consists of her father, Chronos, her mother, Rhea, and her five siblings: Zeus, Poseidon, Hades, Hera, and Demeter. Since she never married, she has no kids, and she is called "The youngest, and the oldest" because she was born last, but was the first to get spit out by her father (read above). 

Unlike most gods and goddesses, Hestia is one of the three people that is immune to Aphrodite's power. This wasn't very common, but since Zeus promised her, she would never fall in love.

Some modern day illusions to Hestia:

  • Hestia hydrogen generator (left)
  • Hestia software
  • Hestia pendant
  • The Olympic torch (in honor of her, and her powers)