Iris the Goddess of Rainbows






In what Greek stories does this character play a part?

          Iris usually was seen as a errand runner or a messenger in many stories. Iris is mentioned in the lliad myth as a messenger of Zeus. The lliad myth is that last few weeks that went on in the Trojan war. Everything about kings fighting, soldiers and everything that went on. Iris turned back from Argonauts Zetes and Calais. Who had persuaded her sisters, the Harpies, to the Strophades. She turned back which was the how the island go the name. She turned back to save Phineas from the monsters and promised to never bother her again.
          Iris also appears in the myth Euripides. She is along side madness when she shakes her fist and curses Heracles. In some stories, her sister Arkhe who left the Olympians to join the Titans as their goddess of messaging. During the Titanomachy. Making Iris and Arkhe enemy goddesses of messaging. Iris had golden wings and Arkhe had iridescent ones. In the time period of the Titan War, Zeus tore Arkhe's wings from her back and gave them as a gift to Nereid Thetis at her wedding. Who then gave them to her son, Achilles who wore them on his feet.

What other Greeks are associated with this character? How/Why are they associated?

         Iris is associated with The Olympians. Whose name's are Zeus, Hera, Poseiden, Hades, Aphrodite, Appollo, Ares, Artimes, Athena, Hephateitus, Hestia, Hermes, Demeter, and Dionysus. Iris married Zephyrus and had a boy named Pothos. She also is the mother or Eros. Her father is a marine God. Thaumus, son of the sea god. And Elektra was her mother, a cloud nymph. She was associated with Hera because she was mostly Hera's personal messenger. Or her handmaiden. She was also Zeus' personal messenger. She delivered messages for all of the Olympians. And delivered messages on his command. Otherwise she did socialize much. Phineas was the one who Iris saved from the Harpies.
         She is associated with Zeus, Hera, Poseidon, Hades, Aphrodite, Appollo, Ares, Artimes, Athena, Hephateitus, Hestia, Hermes, Demeter, and Dionysus because she is their messenger. Also all the other gods and mortals because she is the goddess of messaging and rainbows. She is related to Zephyrus because she married him. Also Eros because she's his mother. She's related Thaumus and Elektra because those are her parents. She's Zeus's and Hera's personal messenger because she's the goddess of rainbows, and how she can travel from sky to ground. Also because they chose her. She's Hera's handmaiden because she chose her.

What powers or talents does this Greek possess? How are they used?

               Iris is the Goddess of rainbows. And her name also means messenger. Who is also the goddess of messaging.  She uses the rainbow to travel from the sky to the water. She uses that to travel from Olympus to the mortals. She was known as Hera's and Zeus's personal messenger. She was also known as Hera's personal messenger. She uses her power of traveling from Olympus to mortals to deliver messages. Her power is to create rainbows spanning across the sky. From a cloud to the water. She can fly with her golden wings on a rainbow from Olympus to the mortals. Her talent was delivering messages. She was chosen by the Olympians to be their messenger and the goddess of messaging.
       She uses her power to fly to go from Olympus to the mortals or from the mortals to Olympus. She uses her power of being the daughter of a cloud nymph and a marine god to make rainbows. She uses her talent of being a good messenger to deliver messages and so she can be trusted. Her talent of using a rainbow to travel makes it easier to deliver messages. She uses her talent of being Hera's handmaiden because she can be trusted, loyal and good at delivering messages. She used her talent of being Zeus's and Hera's personal messenger to deliver highly classified information.

What tools or symbols are associated with this Greek? What is their significance?

         Iris's symbol is the rainbows. She has the rainbows because she can travel from sky to land and she's the goddess of rainbows. She uses rainbows to deliver messages. The rainbow is a significance because she is the goddess of rainbows. Also because she uses the rainbow to travel from the Olympians to the mortals. Or from the sky to the ground. The gods declared her the goddess of rainbows because of her parents. On is a marine god and the other is a cloud nymph. When she travels from the water, the sun reflects from it into the sky on her path. She follows that path to get from the sky to the ground.

Allusions to this Greek

Iris is the goddess of rainbows but there are a lot of things named after her... There's a popular cotton brand. Iris is also a flower that can come in any color of the rainbow.. The colored part in you eye is also known as an Iris. There's a company called the I.R.I.S. The go go dolls wrote a song called Iris. There's another company called the I.R.I.S that helps people learn information. There's an Iris earthquake monitor. There's an Illinois research information station also known as the Iris. A director made a movie called the Iris in two thousand one. There's a band named The Iris. In two thousand nine there was a show about a teenager named Iris.

What did this Greek accomplish?

         Iris accomplished many things in her life. Next I'll tell you about a few of them. Iris once saved her sisters from death. She accomplished becoming the goddess of rainbows and being the messenger for the gods and goddesses. She accomplished being one of the greatest messengers because she was the Olympian's messenger and because she was Zeus's and Hera's personal messenger. Iris accomplished going to the underworld and not being dead. And delivering messages to many people. Iris accomplished bringing a golden jug to the Olympians. Iris accomplished bringing some very important messages to people. Iris accomplished destroying someones crops with the help of Iris. Iris was bribed by Leto to go and get the child of birth and then was given a golden necklace. She delivered the message Peleus was chosen to kill the Titan, Thetius. Iris carried a monster in her girdle all the way to Nemean mountains.



Iris the goddess of rainbows


Iris flying down a rainbow


Iris with golden wings


Iris, her pitcher and her staff


Eros her son


Iris and Arkhe, her "sister"


Iris serving Posieden


Iris the flower