Rhea is the goddess of earth, and fertility. Her mother is Gaia and her father is Uranus. Rhea is the goddess of Earth but she is also looked at as the mother of all goddesses.
How rhea was born:
  No one knows how rhea was born. But we do know who he parents are. Gaia and Uranus,  Gaia actually gave birth to her husband, Uranus. This may seem odd but this is the kind of situation rhea was in too. She married her brother Cronos.

Rhea's value's

I think rhea's value is rationalism. She is independent and is always willing to help.

What part in a story does Rhea play?

Rhea is in the story THE CREATION. This story is about rhea giving birth to Zeus. Once her husband Cronos finds out, he gets the urge to kill all her children. Rhea tries to save them all but she can only save her son Zeus by tricking Cronos into eating a rock that was covered in cloth. (He thought it was the baby.)

Rhea's family

Gaia- her mother
Uranus- her father
Zeus- her son
Hestia- her daughter
Demeter- her daughter
Hera- her daughter
Hades- her son
Cronos- her husband

In the story THE CREATION Zeus is the only one to survive and this is true. Rhea tried to keep it a secret but she couldn't any longer.
Rhea is also one of the goddesses that takes her powers after her mother, (Gaia). Gaia has the power of earth, Rhera took it after her and also got more powers such as..........earth, and Mother of all goddesses.

Rhea's powers

Well you do already know that Rhea is the goddess of earth. Earth has a lot of nature involved that she needs to take care of. So one of Rhea's powers is how she can control anything that involves nature. She can make tree's grow and many other miracles too.

Rhea's Symbols

Rhea has two very important symbols.
1. Swan- rhea is the swan because of her gentleness and how graceful she is.
2. Two Lions- in many pictures rhea is sitting on two lions, a sign of nature.

What places are associated with Rhea?

Since Rhea is the goddess of earth all she wants to do is live on it. Rhea loves being in the sunlight and in forests. Truly Rhea will go anywhere on this planet. It's her home. Also she is associated with the island Crete because she had a temple there.

What did Rhea accomplish?

Rhea accomplished many things. One she accomplished saving her son Zeus from Cronos trying to kill him. Two Rhea also tried very hard to make her children happy. It never worked out very well though. She also wrote letters to people in need, and made earth a better planet.

Modern day allusions

1. Rhea county Tennessee
2. People are still named Rhea
3. A Greek goddess

Modern day allusions

4. A bird
5. Saturn's moon
6. Rhea of Greece

What facts can you find about Rhea?

When i was researching Rhea i did have to dig for a couple topics but over all i had no trouble at all.Some topics such as family were very easy to find. in every thing i looked up there were at least two sentences or more about the family. Also the the websites talked a lot about the story THE CREATION. And how Cronos ate all Rhea's children except for one that was Zeus.

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