The Fates - The goddesses of fate

The Fates are the goddesses of fate.  There are three of them.  Clotho, Atropos, and Lechesis.  They are sisters.  Read below to find out all about them, and what they did!

Facts about The Fates

They decide the fate of people.  They don’t ever spare anyone.  They are called Parcae because they distribute good and bad things for people when they are born.  It's also just another name for them.  Clotho is seen holding the distaff, Lachesis turns the wheel, and Atropos cuts the thread.  They were in many different myths, and helped the Olympians defeat the Giants.  They are sisters.

Values The Fates represent

Clotho and Lachesis represent rationalism.  In one myth they gave a newborn child nobility and bravery.  Atropos doesn’t really care for people.  She said he would die when a log in their house becomes consumed. They all represent individualism a little because they play their own parts in deciding one’s fate.  The others don’t help each other with their parts.

Myths they are in

The Fates were in many different myths.  
1. There was a war between the Giants and the Olympians.  The Fates managed to kill a couple of Giants.  One of the monsters (Typhon) was challenging the rules of Zeus.  The three Fates gave him fruit, telling him that it would strengthen him, but it weakened him, and Zeus was able to defeat him.
2. When a newborn baby (Meleager) was only a week old, the Fates came to tell them that the baby would die when the log burning on the hearth would finally burn out.  Clotho said he would be noble, Lachesis said that he would be brave, but Atropos said “He will live only as long as this brand remains unconsumed.”  His mom took it and hid it in a chest.  When Meleager was old enough, he killed his family, but grief made him take out the fire bran and kindle it.
3. Zeus fell in love with the Nereid Thetis.  The Fates told him: “The son born from Zeus and Thetics would grow up mightier than his father.”  Zeus, afraid, backed off and left Thetis alone.  She then married the mortal Peleus, and gave birth to Achilles, who was the greatest hero of the Trojan War.

People associated with them

The Fates are associated with Zeus because it is said that he gave them their power to decide people’s fate, and he can weigh the lives of men.  There are five different versions of their birth: Zeus and Themis, Nyx alone, Chaos alone, Erebus and Nyx, and Ananke by herself.  Zeus and Themis is most believable. 

Talents and Powers

These three goddesses were the goddesses of Fate.  They decide the fate of people's lives.
Lachesis - chooses how long a person will live
Clotho - chooses when someone is born
Atropos - chooses when someone dies

Places associated with The Fates

There are two versions of where the lived: one: lived with Zeus in Olympus.  Another is they live in the realm of Hades.


Clotho: a spindle because she spun the thread of life

Lachesis: thread because she measures how long a person will live

Atropos: shears because she cut the thread at the end of life


It is said they made up 7 letters of the alphabet, but one of them is missing.  They helped the Olympians in the battle against the Giants.  (They tricked one of the giants into eating a fruit that killed him, and Zeus was able to defeat them.)

Modern Day Allusions

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