Greek Research

What Greek value(s) does this character represent?Eirene represents Peace and she is protedtor of wealth.

In what Greek stories (historical or mythological) does this Greek play a part?  Summarize them. She plays a part in very little stories. But she was still a source of inspirationfor several different ancient writers poets and artist.

1:Theogony of Hesiod.

His second wife was radiant themis; she bore the seasons, and with all of the Peace who watch over the works of martal men.

That was like the only myth that she was in.

What other Greeks are associated with this character?  How/why are they associated?

Zeus because he is her father.

Themis because she was Eirenes mother.

Eirene was not married.

Brother Dike.

Sister Eunomia.

What powers or talents does this Greek possess?  How are they used? She makes peace for her power and makes sure that there is always peace around. Her talent was controlling peace and protecting all of the wealth.They are used by getting people together and putting peace in their blood, also she guarded all wealth.

    What tools or symbols are associated with this character? Explain.Her symbol is a peace sign and she doesn’t have a special tool just for her.She has the peace sign because she is goddess of peace and it just fits with her character traits plus her character.

    What facts can you gather about this Greek?


    1-Goddess of peace.

    2-protecter of wealth.

    3-One of the Hoare.

4-season of spring.

    5-she had 4 other people in her family.

    6-she was gates of heaven.

    7- in statues she always had Ploutos in her arms.

    8- Her latin name was Pax.

    9- Eirene was one of three Horai.

    10-People spelled her name Eirene and Irene.

    11-The poets called her the nurse of Demeter.

    12-She was not active in many myths.

    13-Eirene was also a member of the group of goddesses who were referred to collectively as the Horae or Seasons.

    14-Eirene was also a member of the group of goddesses who were referred to collectively as the Horae or Seasons. And as we can see from the quote above, the Horae were Eirene and her sisters Lawfulness (Eunomia) and Justice (Dike). The goddess Eirene was known by the name of Pax in Roman mythology.

    What places are associated with this Greek?  What is their significance?

    Olympus was a place.

    Olympus was aplace located in Greece were other greek goddesses and gods live.

    She was associated with the internal stability of a state, including the enactment of good laws and the maintenance of civil order. She was also the spring-time goddess of green pastures (nomia in Greek).

    What did this Greek accomplish?She acomplished her goal of being peaceful and making peace. She also protected the wealth which was a big part of her life.

    What modern day allusions refer to this Greek?  Explain.

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