Leto is the great goddess of motherhood. She is known for being the mother of twin Olympians, Apollo and Artemis (shown in photo). She was married to Zeus,  until his betrayal (read more). She is known to be the kindest of all Titans and cares very much for others. Here you can learn about this kind, gentle, and beautiful goddess.
Leto strongly values children. She believes that you should always respect your children and care for them well. She also values kindness and wishes that everyone is kind to others.
Associated With
Apollo: Son
Artemis: Daughter
Pheobe: Mother
Coeus: Father
Asteria: Sister
Zues: Soul mate
Hera: Tries to kill her children
Eileithya: Saves her children
Niobe: Jealous of her children
Her main power is being the Goddess of Motherhood and being a Titan. She also has the gift of her prayers being answered to the Olympians. This is because of her kindness, all gods want to give her what she pleases.
Leto's main symbol is the moon to represent her siblings. Also, the stag and the cypress are other representations of her.
Important Places
The place that is most important to Leto is the island that she gave birth on called, Delos. This place was very special to her because it was the only island that would let her have babies on.
Leto overcame Hera's powers and was able to give birth to twin Olympians on her own. She also raised Apollo and Artemis by herself, bravely. It was her only choice after Zues left her.
Fun Facts
Ever since the day Leto was born, she always was wearing a black robe. She is a very modest women and is loved by many. Her roman name is Letona. Leto means "the hidden one", probably because she was always self conscious and always hidden behind her black robe.
Mythography- The story of Phoebe giving birth to Leto. It explains how right from birth, Leto was already declared the kindest and most caring.
Greek Mythology- This is the story of Leto giving birth to her children, Apollo and Artemis. Zues was married to Leto but once they found out that she was pregnant, Zues left Leto afraid of his furious queen, Hera. Then when it was time for Leto to give birth, she couldn't find a place to have her babies because all of the land was afraid of Hera, as well. Finally, she came across an island called Delos. Pillars rose up from the sea that lifted her high above the earth, and there she gave birth to her twin Olympians.
Her relationship with Zeus- A more detailed story of Hera's anger towards Leto's pregnancy. Hera roars at all of the islands and warns them not to let Leto give birth there. Leto searches for eight days but still can't find a place to have her children. When Leto is just about to give up, she prays to Eleithyia, the goddess of childbirth, and soon after, she finds a floating island and has Apollo and Artemis.
Defenders of Leto- The story of Leto's protective children. Leto is getting a lot of attention and praise for her new Olympians. Niobe, who has twelve children (six boys and six girls), get jealous because Leto only has two children, yet they are Olympians and none of her twelve are Olympians. When she heard others praying for Leto's children, she cries back why and states how unfair it is. Leto, of course, wouldn't hurt a thing so didn't do anything about it but her children sent out to protect their mother and with Artemis's silver arrows and Apollo's gold, they shot down all but two of Niobe's children. A boy and A girl.
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