Nike- Goddess of Victory



Nike represents the victory against the titans in the Titan war, strength, and speed.. She is the goddess of all three of those- Victory, Strength, and Speed. Nike personified triumph. Weather the Greeks got victory in war, love, or athletics it felt good to get it from Nike. 

Family and Associated Greeks

Nike did not come from a big family. She did not have a big family either. Nike was the daughter of Styx (water) and Pallas (titan.)  Some say Nike's parents were Ares and unknown. Or Pallas and unknown. She came from a small family of six, with three brothers- Zelos (rivalry), Katros (strength), and Bia (force.) Nike did not have any kids and did not have a spouse. Nike was a Titan, but became an Olympian, when fought for them. Nike's best friend was Athena; so they are both very close to Zeus. 

Skills and Strengths

Nike represents athletic strengths...that is where the shoe brand gets their name. Nike is the strongest female and also the fastest flying female. She uses her powers when fighting against the Titans. I bet her wings sure helped her to bring out victory. 

Moder Day Allusions

Nike is the winged goddess of victory who could run and fly at great speeds. Its no wonder the shoe brand Nike named themselves after her.


Nike's symbol is a wreath or olive leaves. 



  • Some people say Nike's father is Ares.
  • Nike of Samothrace is the most famous statue of Nike. It is located on a Greek island. 
  • In roman myths Nike is knows as, Victoria, because she is the goddess of victory. 
  • Nike is usually pictured with Athena, they were the best of friends. 
  • Nike fought with Zeus, in his most famous battle against the Titans. 


  • The Acropolis if Athens is a very important structure to Nike because south of the entrance is the tiny temple of Nike.
  • The Pantheon is also another temple, it is the temple of all the gods. 
  • Megara is a city that Nike spent a lot of the free time. It is an ancient city in the Isthmus of Corinth.
  • Nike lives on Mount Olympus with her siblings.