Selene, The Goddess of the Moon

       Selene, or Mene, was not just the goddess of the moon, but was also the goddess of, childbirth, and months. Selene was a very beautiful goddess,but was also very well known for her many relationships with men. Selene had many childreen and is a very intersting goddess to learn about.

•Mom- Theia (Titan/Sun) •Dad- Hyperion (Titan/Sun)                  
• Sister- Eos (Dawn) • Brother- Helios (Sun)                                                                                                                                                                               

    Children and Associated Greeks                      Relationships 
  •  Nemean Lion-Child  (with Zeus)                                                      •Pan- Selene and Pan had no kids but Pan 
  • Pandia (all gifts)- Child (with Zeus)                                                     did give Selene some oxen.                         
  • Ersa (Dew)- Child  (with Zeus)                                                            •Zeus- Zeus and Selen ehad a total of three
  • Mena (Months)- Child                                                                            childreen, not including the Neman Lion.
  • Mousaious (Mortal)-Child                                                                   • Endyminion- The funny thing about Selene
  • Pasiphae-Other Moon Goddess                                                       and Endyminion is that Selene asked Zeus to
  • The Leukippides- Other Moon Goddess                                         give Endyminion imortalness. Zeus did, but 
  • Eilethyia- Other Moon Goddess                                                         Endyminion was imortal but sleeping the 
  • Hecate- Other Moon Goddess                                                           rest  of his life! Endyminion and selene had  
  • Artemis- Other Moon Goddess                                                          50 daughters
  • Bendis- Other Moon Goddess                                                          
  • Hera- Other Moon Goddess
•Peace- Selene was a very peaceful goddess and did not approve of war.
•Beauty- Selene was very well known mostly because of her beauty.
• Healing- Most Ancient gerrks looked to Selene for healing.

Modern Day Allusions

    Selene has many modern day allusions, such as, the Selene Moonfish. The Selene Moonfish is most commonly found in the Atlantic Ocean. Another allusion is in "McBeth", By Shakespeare, Selene appears multiple times. Selene is also a villain in many Marvel comic books. In a book by H.G. Wells, titled, "The First Men On The Moon", the people living on the moon are called Selenites. Cleverly named after Selene. Also, in countries like China, there is a brand of yahts called, Selene Yhats. And lastly, in Finland there is a rock band called Selene. Now, I hope if you ever come across the word Selene in, say, a mall, you will think of the great moon goddess.

Appearance and Symbols

     Selene was often pictured pale, clothed in a white robe, a cresent moon halo, and sometimes had wings. Selene was also riding side saddel, or most oftenly, on a horse pulled by white horses or white bulls. Selene was one of the most femeinne of the 12 main Titan goddesses. Selene was also wore a gold crown that shone a very bright light. That crown was a symbol, along with the moon  of course! The moon symbol was both the full moon and the cresent moon. 


    Selene had many powers that you would not think a moon goddess would have. One of Selenes powers was that she can create your gut feeling, or in other words, your intuition. What that means is, if you are stuck on something, or in a situation in which you don't knw what to do, Selene will come to you and spark your gut feeling, which will help you know what to do. Another power that Selene has is that she can come and give advice to you in your dreams! She will also do that is you need help. Now, the last power that she has is that she makes physic visions for you! A ohysic vison is when you can see into tthe futre! Those are the powers of Selene.  

Stories involved 

      In one story, explaning how Selene and Endyminion met, Selene is in the middle of her goddess duties, when she comes upon a young handsom sleeping man, Endyminion, up on Mt. Latmus. That night she fell in love with him, and began to see him, not doing her duties.
       In another story a young shepard is rididng a bull. The bull got spooked and starts going crazy! The shepard boy yells up at the moon to Selene asking,her to help him get this bull calmed down. Well, Selene knew that the boy was not supposed to be riding that bull anyway, so she sends down a gadfly.(A fly that bites cattle) The gadfly bites the bull and the bull freaks, again, and ends up killing the poor little shepard boy.


    One of the many places Selen was involved with is Mt.Latmus. Mt. Latmus is the mountain where she met the very good looking Endyminion. Endyminion was one of Selene's lovers. Selene nad Endymionion were a very well known couple. I could not find much else about places that Selene was involced in.


I am sorry, I really don't think Selene accomplished much. But I hope you learned much more about the beautiful moon goddess, Selene!

Images of Selene

Fun Facts:
  • Selene had 50 daughters!
  • Selene was sometimes said to be the actual moon!
  • Selene's Roman name was Luna.
  • Selene was never married, she just had many boyfriends.
  • Selene was a Titan goddess.
  • Selene is only goddess of the full moon, while Hecate and Artemis are the other moon goddesses.